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About Agam Anand

Agam Anand graduated in accounts from Patna and did his Masters from Kolkata but he is more interested in literature, writing, movies, and sports. After working for more than a year his creative spark made him quit his job to be an author and write stories. His first novella, A Non-Entity was published in 2015, which is considered as Bihar's first homegrown contemporary English fiction. Anand is currently working as an entertainment editor/Film critic at and he is also a stand-up artist, apart from that he visits many schools and colleges of his hometown Patna as a guest speaker to motivate young minds. The Colossal Illusion is his second and the most ambitious novel yet, within a day of its release the novel reached the top 100 best selling books on and it is receiving positive response from readers and critics alike.
The Colossal Illusion has received three nominations in 3 different revered literary awards and won the best romantic novel title at the TCK Reader's Choice Awards 2019 in USA.

Agam Anand's Novels

The Colossal Illusion

The Colossal Illusion

Dipanita Bhattacharya is an extraordinary achiever, one of her kind lady. In the year 2038 when the world is busy only in making money and technology, she found herself engaged in creating new thoughts and ideas. It was not always like that, she was about to settle for the mediocrity like we all do but then a mysterious love came to help her find the untapped potential she had in her. And then he disappeared, nobody knew why? Dive into the life of Dipanita to find out what is stored for us in the times to come. Witness the future of the human race through the lens of past and present... The Colossal Illusion is an allegoric ode to stories of different lives and has all the elements of a true romance and satirical humor yet it ultimately delivers a bigger message about the world and life as a whole.

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 A Non Entity

A Non-Entity is story of a boy, Rajat Verma who ultimately discovers the reason of his existence with the help of films, cricket and the events which took place in his own life in the last 12 years and in the process he also proved that why almost everyone on this earth is a non-entity.It is a fast, entertaining and enriching story extracted from diary entries about philosophy and comedy of human life.

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A Non Entity

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